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Name:sam winchester, yo
Birthdate:Dec 27
Location:New Zealand

All you need to know about me. I suggest you read this before friending me!

I'm a crazy Supernatural fangirl, and have ginormous amounts of love for Sam and Dean Winchester, as well as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. I'm a SAMGIRL and a JAREDGIRL through and through, although sometimes Dean and Jensen manage to successfully lure me to their sides for a few minutes before Sam and Jared drag me back. :D

I write a lot of fanfic, much of it rated NC-17. If you're under the age of consent in your country, that's your problem not mine. Don't blame me if you get caught reading this stuff because it's not my responsibility to police the internet.

Feel free to friend me; anything fandom-related is unlocked. However if you are just here for the fic, you don't need to friend my journal. Head over to wheeeeeficwheeeeefic - all my fic will be posted there. Or you can check out my new archive here, where I am in the process of archiving all my writing.

I made all the graphics on the main page of my journal; please do not use them.

My fic archive / My Sinful Desire page (Jared/Jensen; Sam/Dean) / Guide to all my SPN/RPS fics / Fic tag - every story I've ever written (including Harry Potter)

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Elle is one of the sweetest people to ever grace the world of fandom. She's kind and smart and hilarious and just plain fabulous. - [profile] delicatelight // ELLE LIKES CAPSLOCKS AND BOYPORN, WHICH MEANS WE WERE DESTINED TO BE FRIENDS. <33333 - [personal profile] ifyouweremine // Elle is the sparkle in Jared's eye and the candy in his belly - she's sweet as pah and twice as awesome. - [profile] ze_pink_lady // IF ANNELLA WERE MY TEACHER I WOULD TTLY HAVE A SCHOOLBOY CRUSH OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. ALSO, THEY ROCK THE CAPSLOCK, YO, AND THAT IS NEVER BAD. - [personal profile] bitter_crimson // annella is the rockingest author i've read in a long long time. i keep up with almost everything she writes. not to mention, she's slowly swaying me from being a dean!girl to a sam!girl. - [profile] wellowned // Elle makes me happy in my pants. ♥ - [personal profile] runtling // She's the perfect mixture of a strong and fragile classy woman. She can squee with the best of them, bring you down to your knees with her amazingly HOT slash, make you think of the REAL issues and in between all that, she'll teach you proper grammar :P - [personal profile] causette // Elle is the hottest teacher in town! You better watch out! - [personal profile] benitle // I like Elle for the added sparkliness she brings to my flist. Her Jared/Sam love makes the world tilt in its axis \o/ - [personal profile] book_choco_loco // bringer of Teh Porn and Teh J2 Prep School kink. I can still remember just how *cough* affected I was by the first of her J2 high school AU. :D - [personal profile] eviltish // Elle is one of the most genuine people that I have met through fandom, she can have you thinking deep one minute and then flailing in boyporn the next. Also, she's a fellow teacher kind - us crazy masochists must stick together against the formidable force of teenage hormones! - [personal profile] purplephoenix03 // I want to be like Elle when I grow up. Or at least write porn with the same efficiency. - [profile] snarkyrainbow // Every time I learn something about her, I want to know her better. She's hearts! - [personal profile] technosage // She is amazing. I love reading her journal, whether RL or fandom. She has an amazing writing style and basically I adore her! *smooch* - [personal profile] hd_obsession // I admire how open and honest she can be :) - [personal profile] laurondo // Elle is so freaking kind and talented that Jared gets a sugar rush high just thinking about her. And then he asks for more. MMM, CANDY. ♥ - ignited> // I now have Handel's Messiah CD in my car. Still can't explain to my hubby why I start giggling while it's playing. - [personal profile] frostian // This is Elle. She embodies what's apparently known in the hip youth culture of today as "totes for real." There's nothing fake in this journal except the stories about actors having preposterous volumes of gay sex. It's refreshing! - [profile] maggiebloome // Elle writes some of THE best fic this fandom has to offer. If you haven't read it yet DO EEEEEET. - [profile] rose_janice // She writes awesome fics and is one of the few writers that once she posts, I'll read right away. - [profile] c_ntbucket

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'67 chevy impala (♥), alec (x5-494) aka hotassmcsexypants, anne bishop's wonderful books, anti-emo (grr emos), apparently clowns kill!, awesome new spn characters, being a crazytastic fangirl, being apparently normal, being completely depraved, being in spn fandom, being warm mmmm warmth, biscuits (especially toffee pops), bitch! jerk!, boys kissing eachother (hot!), bumblebee: second to none!, canon boysex (mmmm torchwood!), cheese (mmm so unhealthy), chocolatechocolatechocolate everything, classic rock (metallicar heee), classical music (haydnbeethovenmozart etc), clothes from garb, converting everyone to supernatural, crazy awesome fangirl squee, daffodils & daffodil day, daydreaming about gorgeous boys, dean forester (deeeeeeen!), dean fuckin' winchester, driver picks the music!, dyeing my hair randomly, elizabeth arden greentea perfume, eric kripke (aka god/satan), fangirlishness heee, frackles (jared licks them), free speech for everyone!!!!1!11!, freshly waxed legs (smooth!), furry friendly warm cats, gorgeous sparkly jewellery, gun!porn (wheee), hand!porn (especially from sam), harry potter (kinda-not-really though), heroes \o/, hotass boysex, house and his snark, imigran ♥, impaaaahla, interesting and unique interests, interests offensive to livejournal, j2 \o/, j2 chest groping, j2 highschool au (mmmdirty), jack/ianto smoochies & sexin', jared and jensen forevah, jared in gilmore girls, jared padalecki eeeeee!, jared without a shirt, jared&jensen's crazyawesome mad love, jared's amazing sexy dimples, jared's beautiful sexy hair, jared's ginormous peen, jared's massive paw-like hands, jared's sex scenes, jared/jensen (so much love), jason teague (pre-crazy), jensen ackles! \o/, jensen and his glasses, jensen in darkangel (cute!), jensen in smallville (hot!), jensen's extraordinary freckles, jensen's fan-fucking-tastic sexy smile, jensen's hotass shirtless scenes, jensen's incredibly gorgeous mouth, jsquared ftmfw, juliet marillier's amazing books, kane's awesome music, kissing in all forms, knee-high boots with heels, lame-but-fun action movies, mocking lame usernames, moey (*smish*), my erins, my giraffe bag, my great dvd collection, my pda aka porndevice, my shiny supernatural calendar, naked jared&jensen (together), naked sam&dean (also together), nice-smelling self-tanning lotion, no chickflick moments, omgcastielcastielcastiel eeeeeeee, openmindedness from everyone, padackles (j2♥), paddywhack (ilu jared), paddywhack hair, pearl rings (especially black), pedicures & shiny nailpolish, planes crash!, pornpornporn mmm porn, porny thoughts at work, pretty tiny handbags, rainbow striped jared candy, reading fantasy books allthetime, rock salt (wtf?), rps (mmm so fun), sam "hotasss" winchester, sam wearing a towel, sam with long hair, sam's wonderful bitchface, sam/dean (heee wincest!), sam/dean and j2 towel!porn, sam=toppiest-top-to-ever-top (trufax), sexy rosie, shiny things (whee!), shocking male friends, shopping evenwhen ihavenomoney, shotgun shuts his cakehole!, shower!sex with conditioner, smeckles (♥jensen♥), smokin' hot angels laksjd;l, smutterific everything, spn fandom ♥♥♥, spn rps (mmm j2), stargate atlantis (mostly), stargate sg-1 (jack/daniel ftw!), stephie ♥, subtexty sam&dean scenes, supernatural ftmfw, supernatural on friday night, supernatural!!!!!!!, terry pratchett *sniffles*, the altar of kripke, the metallicar (yay!), thigh-high stockings (sexy), thinking happy supernatural-related thoughts, toffee pops *drool*, tolkien's amazing brain, torchwood (canon slash? whee!), transformers: morethan meetsthe eye, transformers: robots in disguise!, useless pretty shoes, wanking (the good kind), was that jared/jensen skin?, watching supernatural with friends, well-written awesome fanfiction, wonderfully awesomely crazy torchwood
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